Thailand 2015

by - tammikuuta 25, 2016

I have a friend called May, who lives in Thailand. Last summer I went to see her♥

22.7.2015 Airport Finland

I arrived to airport half past two at the afternoon. I was really excited and little terrified too. 
I said good bye to my mum and went trough the security thing. The walk to my gate was very long. It was literally almost the last gate there was.. 
I finally found it and sit there to wait. I went through a little panic attack, it was my first time to travel alone and it was my longest flight ever. 

Well everything went fine anyway and I got to the plane. 
I had planned to sleep my whole flight because of the time different, but I was too excited and nervous so I couldn't. 

23.7.2015 Airport Bangkok

I got off the plane and after little panicking I got through the passport check. 
I was nervous, but after all I`m a bit amazed how easily I found May and her dad and sister at the airport. 
Her dad was very nice to me from the beginning and so was her sister. I didn't feel so nervous anymore, 
My flight was a bit late so we had to hurry to buss that would take us to Si sa ket. 
I slept most off the buss drive. I was already really excited and happy about everything. And just the fact that May was sitting next to me was really amazing,

We got to Mays house and I met her mom, grandma and granddad for the first time. 
May had tough me on the way the right way to say hello to Thai people. 
You had to say sawadiha (I`m pretty sure you don`t write it like that..) and bow with your hands together. 
Well I was really nervous to meet new people and say hello, but they were all so friendly and kind. 
Mays grandma and mom didn't speak English at all, but her granddad tried to talk as much as he could and that was really nice of him. 
We went to some restaurant to eat with the whole family and Mays aunt joined us too. I was nervous again because I didn't want to do anything stupid and embarrass myself on the beginning. I remember thinking like what if I eat too much or what if they talk something bad about me behind my back. That was all stupid and unnecessary because I soon realized that they actually liked me. Or at least May said so.

In the evening I was just really tired after the long flight without sleep and everything new around me. So I took a quick shower and send couple of messages to my friends in Finland and my mum and went to sleep. 

24.7.2015 Si sa ket

I woke up, had some breakfast and was ready to start my adventure. Until I stepped outside and there was so hot that I almost melted right away. 
We went for a walk in Mays neighborhood, but we couldn't be for long because it was so warm.

We went back to Mays house and watched TV for a while with her granddad, until we went to eat. 
We ate some kinda noodle thing. I don`t remember how it tasted, but we also ate these steamed stuffed buns. I had seen them in anime many many times and was really excited to actually taste them. They were good. I really liked them.

At the afternoon we finally went out and went to the city. We bought me flip-flops and visited Mays old school. I think it was funny how people were staring at me. We weren't at a tourist area so they weren't used to see tourist there (I never saw any other tourist) so me and my red hair were kinda odd sight. 

At the evening we went to bike in a sport park with Mays friend Tang. The park was really pretty and Tang was nice. He didn't speak much English, he could have but didn't want to. 

After a shower (which I had learned to love) and a supper we went to Mays room. I texted to my mom for a while (complained how difficult it was to eat chicken with fork and spoon (they don`t use knife)) and then we went early to bed. They were having a party the next morning and we had to woke up really early.

25.7.2015 Si sa ket

We woke up, change our clothes and went down stares. The rest of the family was already organizing the party and May told me just to sit on a bench outside, I felt a bit lonely and I just though that I could have helped them. Luckily Mays granddad came to talk with me.

The people came to party and I met Mays uncle for the first time. He was nice and funny. He tried to speak English to me which was really kind of him. I remember that he though it was odd that I didn't have a nickname. I was just Lotta.

The party was really amazing. There was these ritual things where came monks and we had to give food to them to bowls. And they did a prayer thing and throw water on us so it would protect us. It was really cool that I got to be part of it and saw these traditional things. One of the monks asked me questions and it was fun.

After that the monks left and we went to eat. There was so much food. I was introduced to Mays friends Ribbin and Petch. They both talked a bit English which was a nice change. Also Mays dad wanted to introduce me to his boss which was an honor. 

The party ended and we took a taxi to a national park. We went there with Petch and Ribbin. 

Cool board that I have no idea what it says

Petch, May & Ribbin

There was a zoo in the middle of the park so we went there and after it to eat ice cream at a mall. 

At the evening we went to the park again with Tang. 
We came home, eat some pizza and went to sleep.

26.7.2015 Si sa ket

We woke up really early and hopped on a car. We drove to another national park which had amazing view. There was me, May and her sister, dad and mom. 


After that we went to eat, to two farms and to shopping. 
It was funny how every time we saw a big animal (tiger, bear, crocodile) May though they were scary and I though they were cool. 

We went back home and to shower and sleep.

27.7.2015 Si sa ket

We woke up early and hopped on a car again. We drive to a school that Mays dad was working in. There was me, May, her dad and all the teachers and students.
They all sit on the "hall" that wasn't actually a room. There was people talking about why you shouldn't use drugs. 

Mays dad. He is the schools principal and was giving a speech.

I just loved the school uniforms♥

The lunch time came and me, May and couple of English teachers went to eat and came back to school. That`s when I met my one true love. Fried rice. Best food ever♥

Once again we left the school with two other English teachers. We went to see a temple that was made of class bottles. 

May and me

After that we went to see a waterfall. 

I actually have a little blackout what happened after that. Im not sure did we go back to school or went straight to home from there. I think we went home.. And I have no idea what we did that evening.. If May happens to read this and you remember what happened please remind me c; 

28.7.2015 Si sa ket

The next day we went to a elephant farm with two (or three? (whats wrong with my memory (i think it was three..))) of the teacher from the day before. This was maybe one of my favorite days, because the teachers were so nice and for a change everyone talked English! 
We drive to the farm, but we stopped couple times on the way. We bought couple coconuts. It was cool that we actually drinked the coconut milk straight from the coconut and after that we ate the coconut flesh(?) from the inside. I didn't like it very much but it was fun experience!
The second time we stopped we went to buy some rice thing. It was like a rice inside a bamboo stick. They called it a sticky rice and it was like a little bit sweet. I liked that one a lot. 

Finally we arrived to the elephant farm and I was really excited. There was so many elephants and I had never been so close to one before. I had seen elephants on a zoo before but you cant get near them there. 

this one was a movie star


maybe the ugliest chicken I have ever seen..

We also went to see a elephant show, where there was opportunity to take a place on the show. I went of course. It was really cool. I had to lie on the ground and an elephant walked over me. Cool!

I also got this very cute picture of me and my new friend Namthip♥ (it means magic water)

After the elephant farm we went to eat and buy some souvenirs. 
We also bought postcards to all our friends in Finland, 

We went back home and spent a nice evening in Mays room trying to make a poem about elephants.
It was really nice to just hang around with May and spent some time together, just the two of us.

"Elephants are big
Elephants are not pig
They have big ears and noses
But dont know how to do poses
Or grow roses
But you can ride them like horses"
-May & Lotta

29.7.2015 Si sa ket

We woke up and drive to another city to see a big candle. It was for a festival they had a little later. Every temple did their own candle and then they had this parade where they showed them. 

It was raining a little bit that day, so we could be outside for a long time. 
For Finnish people it felt strange that you cant be on the rain, but Thai people believe that rain has some kinda filth in it that makes you sick.

We also went to a lamb farm that day and to buy some groceries. I bought so much interesting looking candies.
This is also a big black out day for me. I don`t know why.. 

30.7.2015 Si sa ket

We woke up and packed our things to the car. This was the last time I saw Mays house and I was a bit low. Although her whole family came with us and we went to have some more adventures so I was also excited.
We drive a very long way to Pattaya! There was a lot off traffic jams and it was something I had never seen before. Helsinki at the morning was nothing compared to that..

We got past the traffic jam and got to a hotel. It was really pretty and I was happy to get a real bed after sleeping on a mattress the whole week. 
Pattaya is most famous about the beach so that was the first place we went of course. I was so happy to get a chance to swim. It was so warm in Thailand that it was a dream come true.

After we ate at the beach and swam we went quickly back to the hotel, because there was a storm coming up and I already told you what Thai people think about rain. 

I went to the balcony to get this sneaky pic while May was in the shower cx I think they wouldn't have let me to the balcony if they knew.. 

At the evening we went to see a cabaret show. It was really beautiful and a wonderful experience all together. I had seen cabaret on TV many times but it was nothing compared to this. 
They showed different kind off traditional dances from all the Asian countries. 

31.7.2015 Pattaya

After a well slept night we went to have a breakfast at the hotel. I was really happy to find a "normal" breakfast for a change. I got sausages, eggs and BREAD! I think I hadn't even seen bread the whole time was in Thailand. I think it was really funny that the others took only the Thai breakfast food and I was happy with my sausages and eggs. 
Thai people eat the same food on the morning and on dinner.

We went to the beach, just to take couple of pictures and to see it for the last time. 

Mays sister, cousin, mom, dad, May, aunt and uncle

I was a bit sad to say goodbye to Mays aunt and uncle. I had met them the first day I got there and now I wouldn't see them again. I have to say that the day in Pattaya was amazing and I felt so close with everyone. I had been there for a while already so I felt for the first time like I knew the people. So of course it had to be the last day I saw them.. 
We started our journey back to Bangkok. On the way we went to a place I had been waiting for the whole journey. The worlds biggest crocodile farm!!♥ 
I have to admit, I love crocodiles. They have always been my favorite animals. Most of my friends don`t understand what I see in them, I don`t think I understand it either, I just love them.

there was these jelly things in my drink♥ Is this what they call bubble tea?

These are the last pictures I have taken from Thailand. 

After the farm we went to a market place and I bought a lamp made of coconut to my mum. And then I bought one of the only things I bought to myself, a new doll! It was my dream doll. Model Isul Neko neko Mao mao♥ I had been dreaming of it for three years. 

We went to a hotel and to eat and then I had to pack for the next days flight back home. 

32.7.2015 Bangkok

We woke up and drive to the airport. Before my flight we went to eat for the last time together.
I ate my precious fried rice. 
Then it was time to say good bye. 

The flight went well and my mom and my best friend were at the airport to pick me up.

The whole journey was an amazing experience and I´m so grateful for Mays parents for everything they did. They were so helpful and kind the whole trip. I wish they liked me as much as I liked them, At least I was trying not to do anything stupid.. 

Best thing of the journey of course was seeing May again. 
I remember when she left Finland, I though I would never see her again. But I´m happy I was wrong.
May was amazingly nice the whole trip. She always tried to explain everything others said and was always on high spirit and never judge me for not knowing something. 

Thank you to whole Mays family and May♥ 

I was really afraid to leave on my own, but I´m so happy I did it anyway.

The only things you will regret are the things you didnt do

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